The greatest enemy of America and her future comes from within. When we get up in the morning and look in the mirror we see a clear reflection of those persons who are most responsible for either keeping America and freedom alive for the next thousand years or for sending us into a downward spiral of social, environmental, and economic collapse.

What are some of the things that we are doing as Americans which are in effect destroying our nation?

Following are just a few examples:

1. We rush to suck every last drop of our precious petroleum resources from under America. When America is sucked dry we will be at the mercy of foreign powers who will then have total control over whether we receive oil and gas or not.

2. We have trained and armed militant anti-american terrorists for decades and then we cry out in amazement when they use the weapons and training we gave them against us.

3. We have built our economy on waste. We waste our forest resources, our energy resources, our water resources and in doing so destroy our air quality and the fertility of our soil. When our water is no longer fit to drink, when desertification consumes thousands of square miles of once productive land, when our air quality causes wholesale respiratory deaths, and when our farms can no longer grow enough for us to eat—then what?

4. We refuse to build a high speed electric rail network because of payoffs to our elected officials by the wasteful trucking and airline industries. How will we be able to feed ourselves and protect ourselves when all of our trucks and airplanes are idle because our fuel supply has been cut off?

5. We destroy the health of whole generations with junk food, pesticides, nicotine, carcinogens, and a virtual chemical soup in our biosphere. How will we be able to afford to deal with rampant cancer, obesity, prescription drug addiction, and other self-caused horrors?

6. We destroy the sanity of our populace with grid-locked urban sprawl and inner city urban decay and wonder why so many of our citizens become criminals, junkies, child abusers, and sociopaths.

7. We lock our children up in windowless schools, deny them access to fresh air and even a glimpse of the sky and wonder why they have to be controlled with drugs.

8. We foolishly create an American Tower of Babel by not promoting a common lingua franca which will allow us to communicate with each other and which will allow children from other nations an opportunity to become functioning citizens in American society.

9. We stupidly refuse to adopt the metric system which is the world’s standard of measurement which places us at a tremendous disadvantage with our export products as well as keeping pace with world technological achievements.

We are on a collision course with disaster and the crew our ship of State, “
Titanic America” is us.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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